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Hello! Here’s to my first ever post, and definitely it has to be on my love for food!

Oh-My-Gosh.. seriously. I think this is the first time in my life that I hit a perfect jackpot on blindly selecting a place to eat, in which we have NEVER tried before. It was a mental fight between 2 options, The Cave or Bloom by Mokmok. My heart, body and soul just gravitated towards ‘blooming’ over the weekend and thus, becomes a short date along with my husbie, sister and nephew.

mysteriously enchanting entrance that we never would have guessed it sells flowers or food. haha!

let’s talk about the entrance. how, how HOW is this not leaving any of you with a wonder on what is going on inside behind the dark door?

my nephew fell worried that we were going to feed him with flowers, ngl hahahaha! I love how the entrance is totally giving the ‘im not that loud but i’m here and enchanting you to come inside’ vibe.

lo and behold, we thought we were ready for what’s ahead, due to pictures on Google, but ..

i had to sit myself down to slowly process what was going on in here!

UH-MAZING & the fact that I love dried flowers y’all. Cmon, this is a dream come true. and i have not even touched on the wonderful, deliciously yummy food yet. hold on a second. *breathes* the environment is so cosy, and lighting albeit gloomy yet exudes the romantic kind of ambience… awwwwwwww.

I am so sorry to not have taken any of my own pictures of the menu.. so go Google it up mmkayyyyy!their menu is set on a wooden board guys. fancy~schmancy. of course we then were surprised again that they had a Japanese fusion cuisine! OH MY WHAT?!?! All of us were undecided on what to order, we almost wanted to order everything off the menu.. twas that good of a list. gosh

my sister took this. their plain water in brown bottle. does it remind you of the chemistry lab back in school? hahaha

These 2 drinks, is a MUST to try! refreshing to the mouth right to the soul.. and it can bring you to the beach vacation vibes.. sedap ok. seriously.

then a little appetizer..

Mala Smoked Duck, but without the mala.

a little bit disappointed that we could not have how it was supposed to be cooked with (or dipped with, the waitress said to us they had no mala), so we were left with just smoked duck with some chillis. BUT. the smoked duck was so SMOOTH that we can imagine, if it was dripping with mala, it would have brought it 10 times better.

Grilled Chicken – Moroccan spiced chicken thigh topped with kizami nori, onsen egg, served with their signature rice

She thought it was a simple dish. I thought it was quite simple. However it was more than just the simpleness in us. The plate itself was nice, plating was tantalizing and so top class, to be honest. My sister ordered this for her son, and yes you see.. the onsen egg, and the mushroom. sighhhh. Well balanced dish with perfectly saute’d mushroom and grilled chicken, so crisp and juicy!

Unagi PAO rice, came in a claypot and a kettle with miso soup.

Lovers of unagi! this is superb. Portion of unagi is generous, right? look at that, tastefully cooked too! this was my husbie’s choice and he was damn excited at the arrival of this food setup. Plus, he wanted to drink ALL the flavorful Miso soup!

Salmon PAO rice

I am in my dreams again. not my dish, this was what my sister picked but I am salivating at the picture of this because it was just as good in the mouth. Now from our experience, anything in the PAO rice menu comes with a cute kettle of Miso soup. Before eating, pour some Miso soup into the claypot, to your heart’s desire! This totally elevated the whole experience of dining and enjoying the food.. well done Bloom by Mokmok! *excitedclaps*

Last but not least.. I had to choose one of their signatures..

All Day Brunch – Big Breakfast by Mokmok

Ahhh~ all the things in this bowl. the choices of what goes into my mouth first. This is so totally worth every penny for a brunch! I could even share this with another person because I have a small tummy and it does look and feel like its made for two! they have like a salsa- chick pea dip which was really good. and 2 poached eggs, seriously?! And so generous on the beef bacon, I can flip tables. hahahaha!

Total damage was RM200+, for 4 people. Our honest review? we will definitely be returning to try the rest of the dishes in their menu, it is affordable for the price, environment, experience and of course the food! Totally a place in which you can bring your loved ones to dine as it has that romantic vibe.. so please. go pay Bloom by Mokmok a visit if you’re already thinking about it!

Could the next visit be at The Cave? .. well to more food adventures!

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